About Us

First of all, thank you for visiting our store! I hope you will enjoy it here.

Meet the artist

Hi there! Let me introduce myself - my name is Maria, and it's very nice to meet you. I am the humble creator of "eQumi." A little bit about myself: from a very early age, art has been my passion, but it never became my full-time job. As I grew older, at some point, I lost touch with what I loved the most - drawing, playing the guitar, and singing. Everything changed in the summer of 2023 when I decided it was time to get back to what makes me happiest and share that joy and those emotions with other people. The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone, and I want to brighten your day by sharing my art featuring funny, hilarious, and sarcastic cats.

What is "eQumi"

Now, a little bit about the brand. "eQumi" is a team of one passionate artist who wants to bring a smile on your face. As we are a small and very new business, we are currently using the Print-on-Demand service to bring our designs to life. Why cats? They fit in very unique and unusual situations that we all might find relatable! If you have any questions or feedback - please feel free to reach out via our Contact form.

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